Creative product development

Creative product development lies in our DNA

The company RF was created by the then owners saw that with smarter products it would be possible to streamline the work of the clients. Initially, it was mainly about equipment for cable laying, but demand increased rapidly and more and more intelligent solutions saw the light of day.

Close cooperation with our end customers.

Throughout the years, close cooperation with our customers has been the basis of product development. We have often received suggestions and inquiries that we have been able to develop into new or improved products. We always test our new product ideas against the users, which often leads to new proposals and new approaches. As a product begins to approach the final stage, we ask our test pilots, who are contractors, to use the new product in full-scale testing for an extended period of time. Only after final approval will the new product enter the product range.

A whole world of development

In recent years, we have had 6 sister companies, spread all over the world, offering an unbeatable wide range. Among them we can find “pearls” in the assortment which, after tests at home, can enter our basic assortment. There are also several sister companies that appreciate our Swedish-made products.

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