Bo Andersson started the RF system as a leisure company in 1978, mainly with the development of smart cable plows and other equipment for cable and line work. The range was gradually expanded and the company today has the country’s widest range in land and construction.

Since 2011, the company’s subsidiary in the Kinshofer Group is owned by the Swedish-owned Lifco Group, which has Carl Bennet AB as its principal owner.

RF-System develops and markets efficient, versatile implements and products in several categories, such as rail, cable and line, demolition and sorting, cranes and crane trucks, as well as ground and construction contracts. Our strength is unique products with high quality, large stock and extremely high delivery reliability.

Our strategy is to ban with exceptionally well-developed products to increase efficiency and important profitability for our customers. RF-System AB also specially manufactures products according to the wishes of our customers.


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