A large part of our products can be rented. By renting the products, you are given the opportunity to ensure the needs and function of your business. The daily rent corresponds to 1% of the product’s gross price.
Ex. Product value: SEK 50000 gives a rent of SEK 500 / day. The minimum charge is 3 days, at least SEK 900.

Uncleaned product will be charged SEK 450 for laundry upon return.

Purchase of rented product

When purchasing a rented product, the previously paid rent can be reduced from the current price.
Ex. Product with current price SEK 50,000 has been rented for 25 days, when the rent is to go into purchase.
25 days x 500 SEK = 12500 SEK is part payment of the product. Residual value: SEK 37500.

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