Civil engineering & Landscaping

HSF Höghastighetsfräs

HSF High-speed Grinder

The grinders have rounded triplex milling teeth that can be turned 3 times, utilising all sides before needing replacememnt. This results in lower maintenance costs.

For miniexcavators and excavators

Operating weight 1.5-2.5 tons
30-50 lit/min, 75 kg.

HSF 40
Operating weight 3-7 ton
50-75 lit/min, 125 kg

HSF 52
Operating weight 8 – 14 ton
80-130 lit/min, 200 kg

For excavators

HSF 65
Operating weight 12 – 20 ton
100-130 lit/min, 600 kg

For loaders and cranes

For mounting on cranes. Double slew cylinders.
The slew function is remote controlled via cable.
45-70 lit/min

Bolt-on Bracket AGS

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