Bucket Kits

KIT Bucketkit 4 tons

All kits consist of a selected grading bucket, a digging bucket, and a trench bucket

  • Angles, plate thickness and quality of steel is selected to fit the buckets’ purpose and adapted to the power of the excavators that will be using them.
  • Some bucket kits are available in HD.
  • All buckets are designed and manufactured from the ground up in Sweden. With the same excellence, quality material and industry expertise as all other RF buckets.
  • The bucket kits are delivered to you packaged on pallets for simplest possible handling, both for us and for you. We only use the highest quality of steel. Different parts of the buckets are made with different types of steel. Their roof and beams of structural steel S355. Sides and bottoms are exposed to wear and are always in high tensile and wear resistant materials with a hardness of 400 Brinell (HBW). The bucket cutting edges are made in Borox with a hardness of 500 Brinell. All to ensure that your new bucket had the necessary properties and longevity.

Check the tables for how the buckets are designed along with material used and steel thickness.

Article S40: 543-00104-073-04

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