NOX Tiltrotator & Gripper Cassette

NOX Tiltrotator

Precision and safety

Experience and innovation has led to one of the most advanced tools for excavators, the NOX Tiltrotator, with its continuous 360˚ rotation and a tilting angle of 2×50˚ it acts as a universal joint. Combined with a quick coupler and a diverse set of accessories, NOX offers top efficiency for any construction project. NOX features a safety quick hitch as standard. Our range of NOX Tiltrotators is optimally designed to suit excavators in the specified weight class. 5 Different models from 3 to 25 tons In addition to NOX there are also grippers adapted to each model.

Advantages NOX:

  • Precision and safety due to smooth proportional control (optional).
  • High stability, low maintenance and a long service life thanks to special cast housing.
  • High and constant tilting force with our cylinderless rotary actuator, with no drop-off in power
    across the entire tilting angle.
  • No protruding parts: Perfect for excavating with small buckets in tight, deep trenches. and under or
    between existing lines.
  • Low maintenance: worm drive lubricated permanently (grease).
  • Few lubrication points.
  • Robust design with solid cast housing.
  • Narrow format provides excellent visibility of the work area and all around the excavator.


Gripper Cassette


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