RUS Sleeper Layer

Center gripped for quick laying and fastening under rails or end gripped for greater flexibility

Both our RUS layers are based on the same design but equipped with either center gripping or end gripping arms. Our center gripped sleeper layers can be used for laying sleepers both regularly and under existing rails. You can also get a layer with off-center grabbing if you need to take sleepers straight from forks. Also available with 3, 4, 5 or 6 arms.
With our innovative sleeper layer with fastclip, sleepers can be laid quickly under tracks and locked in place using the fastclip fastener. All in one motion.
Our end gripped RUS is designed to allow picking up sleepers even if they are not laid out at the correct distance.
As standard, RUS comes ready to be operated with two dual operating hydraulic cycles or with one hydraulic cycle and an electric valve for switching between functions.

Bolt-on Bracket AGS, Lock for center-gripper, extension for laying under rails. Rotator for crane mounting

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