All RF buckets are designed and manufactured with care in Sweden

  • Our buckets are manufactured and continuously improved upon in consultation with a number of contractors with extensive experience, but also together with the new generation, taking in new ideas.
  • Angles, plate thickness, and quality of steel are selected to fit the buckets’ purpose and adapted to the power of the excavators that will be using them.
  • The buckets are optimised for maximum longevity combined with the lowest weight possibly, in order to reduce fuel use and environmental impact.
  • The buckets made in flexible high tensile steel for maximum penetration power and discharge rate.
  • All our buckets can be purchased modified to requested dimensions, regardless of whether for width, bottom length or volume.
  • All our buckets are available in “Heavy Duty” variants.
  • We continuously strive to develop our selection of buckets further. Dare try a specialised bucket. It may increase efficiency significantly.
  • You can always acquire reserve or wear parts for our buckets. All products have individual serial numbers ensuring we know what it looked like when coming off our production line.
  • We only use the highest quality of steel. Different parts of the buckets are made with different types of steel. Their roof and beams of structural steel S355. Sides and bottoms are exposed to wear and are always in high tensile and wear resistant materials with a hardness of 400 Brinell (HBW). The bucket cutting edges are made in Borox with a hardness of 500 Brinell. All to ensure that your new bucket had the necessary properties and longevity.

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