Our heavy duty buckets have the same unique shapes as the standard buckets with good penetration capabilities for optimal

  • The HD series was developed to match the demanding work in tough environments.
  • RF has always worked to keep weight as low as possible to achieve optimal economical excavation.
  • HD buckets also keep a low weight but are reinforced and strengthened in the parts exposed to wear.
  • HD buckets can withstand greater stress and have stronger wear parts. They last longer before wear parts must be replaced and you can load them with greater force than our standard buckets.
  • If you’re looking for a stronger, wear-resistant bucket that is still relatively light and economical to use, look no further than our HD selection.
  • The Heavy Duty Series is manufactured with the same high tensile and wear-resistant steel as our standard buckets are.
  • All buckets are manufactured in Sweden from beginning to end in a flexible production process.
  • Special adaptations are possible for the HD selection as well.

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